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A great business card sends a powerful message. Capitalize on the impact and appeal of a high-quality business card, with Indian’s number-one graphic design team.

Your Business Card, Your Identity

A business card is a compact representation of your brand’s wider identity. Traditionally used simply to exchange information, today’s business card is an all-round marketing material of unique power. It’s all about first impressions – your business card speaking volumes for your business and the message it sends.

The more impactful and memorable your business card, the better. Nevertheless, it’s important to present a business card that balances form with function, style with simplicity. Here at Kudometrics, we’ve spent the past 9 years perfecting the art of quality business card design. From start to finish, we’ll provide the design consultancy and technical support you need to boost your brand image with an exquisite business card.

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Business Card Features and Characteristics

For a business card to have the desired effect, it needs to balance the following characteristics in perfect harmony:

Eye-catching visual design

Elegance and professionalism

Uniqueness and originality

Concise written content

A seamless extension of your brand

Given the tiny surface area you have to work with, achieving the above can be easier said than done. To make it happen, you need a team of experienced, dedicated design specialists at your disposal.

With Kudometrics, you’re guaranteed a business card that enhances your image and delivers a memorable first impression. Call today to arrange a pressure-free, obligation-free consultation with one of our experts.

The Kudometrics Design Process

We keep our clients firmly in the driving seat at every phase of the project. What’s more, we also create every business card from scratch, in accordance with our clients’ requirements and budgets. No templates and nothing prefabricated – 100% bespoke business card services, guaranteed.

Our quality-focused business card design services incorporate the following four phases:

Consultancy and File Submission

We’ll establish your requirements and objectives with a detailed consultation, during which we’ll request any brand logos, graphics, fonts and other specifics you’d like to include. If you’d prefer the whole thing to be designed from scratch, we’ll create the graphics you need for a high-impact business card.

Framework Design and Prototyping

For the benefit of the customer, we’ll create a series of prototypes for your business card, which we’ll then present for your consideration. Simply select your preferred design from the shortlisted options and submit your requests for edits accordingly.

Final Design and Delivery

Your bespoke business card will be polished and perfected by our design team, before being handed to you complete with all ownership rights. We’ll only consider the project complete when you’re delighted with the result.

Revisions and Additions

Requests can be made at any time for modifications and the addition of new imagery or written content to your business card. Simply let us know what you need and we’ll get to work implementing the changes.

100% Unique Business Card Design

Unlike some, we don’t rely on a bank of prefabricated business cards, which are simply edited to create generic-looking results. Instead, we guarantee 100% unique business card design services, tailored to meet your requirements and your budget.

We can also breathe new life into your exiting business card design, if it isn’t sending the right message about your business. Simply submit the image files to our business card design team and we’ll provide a series of suggestions for improvements.

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