Drupal to WordPress Migration Services

Dissatisfied with Drupal? Interested in capitalising on the limitless power and potential of the world’s number-one CMS? Contact Kudometrics to discuss our dynamic Drupal to WordPress migration services, built from scratch to meet your requirements and budget.

Drupal to WordPress Migration Services in India

Drupal is a versatile blogging platform with an extensive array of useful features and functionalities. However, it’s also one of the more complex blogging platforms on the market right now. Unless you have advanced expertise in blogging, publishing, tagging, link generation and so on, you may struggle to get the most out of this popular platform.

By comparison to Drupal, WordPress is exponentially easier to work with. Pound for pound, WordPress is the most popular and capable website development platform of its kind worldwide. From major international organisations to government offices to the smallest online stores, WordPress powers approximately 30% of all websites. That’s around 75 million websites in total - more than any other CMS or web development platform.

For all the features and functionalities of Drupal, it simply cannot rival the power, versatility all flexibility of WordPress. To discuss migrating your Drupal website to WordPress in a fast, efficient and affordable manner, contact a member of the team at Kudometrics today.

Why Choose Us for Your Website Migration?

Here at Kudometrics, we demonstrate the kind of commitment and dedication you won’t find elsewhere. Our team consists exclusively of passionate and experienced professionals, from an extensive range of backgrounds in digital development.

By bringing your website migration project Kudometrics, your business and your website will benefit from the following as standard:

Tried, Tested and Trusted Migration Strategies

Tried, Tested and Trusted Migration Strategies

Having successfully migrated thousands of websites to WordPress, we can offer an extensively-verified transition service that guarantees unbeatable results. Irrespective of the complexity of your current website, we’ll have you up and running on WordPress in no time.

Framework Development

Framework Development

Our experienced framework development team can provide your business with the custom themes, plugins and general enhancements it needs to stand out from the crowd. Don’t settle for generic - insist on a 100% unique WordPress website that perfectly reflects your brand.

Simple Maintenance and Management

Simple Maintenance and Management

Upon handing you the keys to your new WordPress website, you’ll enjoy total control over your site’s maintenance and management from a simplified central control panel. With no specific developer knowledge or expertise required, you’ll be in complete control of your website from day one.

SEO Compatible Structure

SEO Compatible Structure

We create custom WordPress websites that are engineered with maximum SEO-friendliness in mind. Every aspect of your WordPress website will be meticulously tailored to drive more prominent positioning within those all-important SERP rankings.

Flexible and Affordable Solutions

Flexible and Affordable Solutions

Kudometrics will create your ideal Drupal to website migration solution, tailored to meet your exact requirements and budget. Whatever the size, nature and objectives of your business, we’ll ensure you’re provided with your ideal WordPress migration service at an affordable price.

Punctual Delivery

Punctual Delivery

Our extensive experience at the helm of challenging WordPress migration services enables us to complete and deliver most projects within 72 hours. We’ll provide you with an accurate timeframe during the initial discussion, going the extra mile to meet all deadlines without exception.

For more information or to discuss your requirements in more detail, get in touch with the team at Kudometrics today.

Full-Service Drupal to WordPress Migration

Our commitment to bespoke WordPress migration services enables us to tailor all-round solutions to meet all requirements and budgets. Nevertheless, even our most basic Drupal to WordPress migrations incorporate the following elements as standard:

WordPress installation

Transfer of images, comments and posts

Pointing of domain to the new web host

Redirecting broken links

Redirecting the old Drupal site link to the new WordPress site

Sidebar content transfer

RSS Feed redirection to ensure you don't lose out on your readers

Upon request, Kudometrics can also take charge of the more advanced aspects of your WordPress migration. Additional services available as optional extras include the following:

Transfer ends of your current website design

Plugins to boost the speed of your site

Items and pages transferred in the sidebar

Installing of Google Analytics code

Installing of other third-party ads

Hosting configuration

Customized URL redirection

Importing of pages

Setting up navigation using WordPress Menu

Whether ready to go ahead or simply considering the available options, we’re standing by to support your business in any way we can - get in touch today.

Our Three-Step Drupal to WordPress Migration Services

By following a simple yet effective three-step process, we’re able to deliver consistently superior results at an unbeatable price. Hire Kudometrics to oversee your WordPress migration and the project takes place as outlined below:

Initial consultation and visualization

Initial consultation and visualization

Arrange an obligation-free consultation with one of our experts and we’ll discuss the options available for the benefit of your business. We’ll map out a future vision for your WordPress website, establish your objectives and determine the most appropriate course of action. Unless you decide to go ahead, our initial consultations are offered 100% free of charge.

Drupal to WordPress migration

Drupal to WordPress migration

If you choose to go ahead with the migration, we’ll then take charge of the logistics of the transition. Our expert team will quickly, safely and efficiently migrate your Drupal website to its new home on WordPress, typically completing the process within 72 hours.

Launch, testing and optimization

Launch, testing and optimization

After which, it’s simply a case of launching your new WordPress website, testing its performance and optimization where necessary. We’ll provide the long-term aftercare you need to gain the maximum value and performance from your new WordPress website.

Once again, we’d be delighted to discuss the available options with a pressure-free, obligation-free consultation. For more information on any of the services we provide, get in touch with the team at Kudometrics today.

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