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Email marketing is about far more than simply sending hundreds of emails to random recipients and hoping for the best. With our help, your business will benefit from a cost-effective, heavily researched email marketing campaign that delivers an unbeatable ROI.

Advanced Email Marketing Services in India

Research suggests that up to 80% of successful businesses invest heavily in strategic email marketing. In the right hands, an effective email strategy can deliver an ROI that goes beyond almost any other form of digital marketing. What’s more, an engaging email marketing campaign has the power to nurture customer loyalty at the highest possible level.

To unlock these invaluable benefits for your business, you need India’s leading email marketing experts in your corner.

Kudometrics offers a complete range of bespoke email marketing services, open to large and small businesses across India and worldwide. With our help, your business will successfully engage highly-targeted audiences within your niche, boosting your conversion rates, your image and your authority at an affordable price.

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Bespoke Email Marketing Services in India

For an email marketing campaign to succeed, it needs to be tailored to your requirements, your objectives and your budget. Kudometrics has been offering bespoke branding and marketing services for more than a decade, working with discerning clients from all over the world.

Our email marketing services are about more than basic advertising. We provide our clients with the opportunity to connect with qualified prospects and existing customers at the deepest possible level. We achieve this by way of an extensive range of complementary email marketing services including:

Email template creation

Subscriber list management

Content creation

Schedule management

Reporting & tracking

Lead magnet creation

Calls to action

Email segmenting

Every email marketing strategy is approached as a unique opportunity to demonstrate our unrivalled experience and expertise. Whether looking to boost the impact of an existing strategy or starting out from scratch, you can count on Kudometrics to get the job done at a price you can afford.

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Full-Service Email Marketing Solutions in India

Our involvement in your email marketing strategy can be as comprehensive or limited as you like. We provide bespoke email marketing consultancy and solutions to suit all requirements and budgets.

Examples of which include the following:

Subscriber / List Management

Subscriber / List Management

Effective email list management is about more than simply collating an extensive database of email addresses. Today, customers expect and demand a more personalized and targeted experience. By making sure your subscriber list is properly segmented, we’ll only ever send the right emails to the right people at the right time. Not the usual random mass-distribution of limited value.

Email Marketing Templates

Email Marketing Templates

Our extensive experience in graphic design and content creation enables us to produce uniquely impactful and engaging email templates. Kudometrics will ensure that your email template is an accurate and inspiring representation of your business, furthering your brand’s identity and boosting both awareness and authority.

Engaging Email Content

Engaging Email Content

Above all else, the content of your marketing emails will determine their effectiveness or otherwise. The key to successful email content creation lies in extensive market research. By getting to know your customer and the deepest possible level, we know exactly how to speak their language and deliver high-impact messages on behalf of your business.

Email Schedule Management

Email Schedule Management

Likewise, knowing when to reach out to any given audience takes extensive research and analysis. On a 24/7 basis, we’ll ensure your email distribution schedule suits the expectations and preferences of your ideal customer. All of which adds up to significantly improved opening rates, click-throughs and conversions.

Analysis, Reviewing and Reporting

Analysis, Reviewing and Reporting

Unlike some, we acknowledge the fact but there is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ email marketing strategy. There’s always room for improvement, calling for continuous analysis, reviewing, reporting and optimization. With Kudometrics, you’ll see exactly how your marketing spend is delivering a superior ROI for your business.

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Cost-Effective Email Marketing in India

An email marketing strategy can only be considered effective if it delivers the expected ROI. One of the biggest advantages of an email marketing campaign being its flexibility. However extensive or restricted your budget, a creative email strategy could make all the difference.

Our email marketing services are priced in accordance with the quantity of emails you wish to send, how often you wish to send them and the general complexity of the strategy. We tailor our services to suit the budgets of each client individually, providing cost effective email marketing for small and large businesses alike.

Whether new to email marketing or looking to boost the performance of an existing campaign, we’re standing by with the support and consultancy you need. Contact Kudometrics today to book your obligation-free consultation with one of our experts.

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