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Capitalize on the power and influence of the world’s most popular social platform. Discover a new standard in cost effective Facebook marketing and paid social advertising services, brought to you by the experts at Kudometrics.

Expert Facebook Marketing Services in India

Facebook is the world’s largest and most influential social network, with a global audience of more than 2.2 billion users. Such enormous popularity presents businesses worldwide with a unique opportunity for high-impact, cost-effective marketing. Facebook advertising enables businesses to target audiences based on their location, their interests and more precise demographics.

Whether your intention is to reach a niche audience or a much broader target group, Facebook holds limitless potential. If you are not already using Facebook as a key part of your wider digital strategy, you could be missing out. On behalf of your business, Kudometrics can plan, initiate and optimise a cost-effective Facebook marketing strategy to suit your budget. Measurable results at a price you can afford, brought to you by India’s leading social experts.

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Bespoke Facebook Marketing Services

Our goal is to become India’s most analytical, reputable and reliable Facebook marketing agency. Unlike some, we approach every project exclusively from the client’s perspective. We create custom Facebook marketing solutions to suit all requirements and budgets.

Your unique Facebook marketing strategy will comprise the following elements among others:

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Facebook recently introduced its own paid marketing platform - better known as Facebook Ads. This innovative Pay Per Click platform enables businesses to target audiences more precisely than ever before. Locate and engage new customers by way of their age, gender, location, interests or general browsing habits.

Creative Content

Creative Content

The key to every successful Facebook marketing strategy is creative and engaging content. It’s up to you to produce a steady stream of fresh and relevant content, giving your target audience a reason to take you seriously. Approaching the project from the customer’s perspective, we create 100% unique Facebook content that’s relevant, authoritative and engaging.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing

Every aspect of your Facebook marketing strategy will be extensively tested to verify its performance. Rather than taking things for granted, we carefully measure the value and performance of the campaigns we devise. If there’s room for improvement, we’ll identify it and make it happen.

Detailed Reporting

Detailed Reporting

Kudometrics keeps clients in the loop at all times with detailed reporting and comprehensive consultancy. We’ll handle the complex logistics of the project, but we’ll make sure you’re kept firmly in the driving seat where the most important decisions are concerned.

From start to finish, we’ll ensure every aspect of your Facebook marketing strategy is crafted in accordance with your exact requirements and budget. Whether ready to go ahead or simply exploring the available options, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

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Our Facebook Marketing Management Process

Kudometrics is committed to delivering consistently superior results and unbeatable value for money. We go the extra mile to ensure every client’s marketing spend delivers the best possible ROI.

Our bespoke Facebook marketing services are provided by way of a four-step project process as follows:

Advertising Research, Planning & Analysis

Step 1. Advertising Research, Planning & Analysis

Every Facebook marketing project begins with a comprehensive campaign of research, analysis and thorough planning. We’ll get to know your business at the deepest possible level, establish objectives for the project and examine your current performance in line with your competitors.

Building & Configuring Your Strategy

Step 2. Building & Configuring Your Strategy

When you’re happy with the project proposal, we’ll move on to the process of preparing, configuring and implementing your strategy. We’ll ensure you’re kept in the loop with regular reports and updates as the project gets underway.

Facebook Tracking & Measurement

Step 3. Facebook Tracking & Measurement

The key to a successful Facebook marketing strategy lies in careful and continuous tracking and measurement. From start to finish, we’ll assess both the appropriateness and the value of every aspect of your Facebook marketing project.

Management, Testing & Optimization

Step 4. Management, Testing & Optimization

An effective Facebook marketing strategy isn’t a one-off task. Quite the contrary, it’s an ongoing process that involves continuous testing, optimisation and meticulous social media management. Kudometrics will be by your side, every step of the way.

Why Choose our Facebook Marketing Agency?

Our flexible approach to social media marketing has earned us an unrivalled reputation among Facebook advertising specialists. We work in complete accordance with our clients’ objectives and budgets - never the other way around.

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