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Take the performance and prosperity of your ecommerce website to the next level, with our bespoke ecommerce SEO services. Kudometrics will ensure you appear prominently in the SERP rankings for the most competitive keywords, outperforming the competition and driving targeted traffic to your online store.

Advanced Ecommerce SEO Services in India

The importance of an effective ecommerce SEO strategy can be illustrated with just a few simple statistics:

44% of consumers begin product discovery with a search engine

89% of consumers use organic search to research a purchase decision

79% of consumers click on organic listings first

In western markets, approximately 80% of web users have made at least one online purchase within the past month. Evidence also suggests that around 70% of millennials would rather make purchases online than in traditional stores. In total, the global ecommerce industry is growing at a rate of approximately 25% every year.

But despite this enormous growth, almost 45% of all online retail sales are scooped up by Amazon. Amazon’s immense exposure and visibility making it a force to be reckoned with on the ecommerce landscape. Not to mention, an inspiring example to follow as a smaller or newer ecommerce business.

To succeed in today’s online marketplace, visibility is everything. Climb the SERP rankings with the help of Kudometrics and propel your business to a more prominent position starting today.

SEO For Ecommerce: No Longer Optional

Far from an optional extra, SEO should form the very basis of your ecommerce marketing strategy. Here at Kudometrics, our experienced SEO specialists will engineer the ideal search marketing solution for your business and your budget.

Typical services provided as part of our all-inclusive ecommerce SEO solutions include the following:

Keyword research and implementation

Site architecture audits

SEO-friendly product descriptions

Content creation and publishing

Navigation and site hierarchy

Sitemap maintenance and development

Indexing and crawling optimization for site pages

Implementation of canonical tags

Robots.txt and bot accessibility testing

Code/pixel verification

Broken link repair

HTTP status code error resolution

Structuring categories and sub-categories

Site speed optimization

Mobile friendly design

Each of the above makes a significant contribution to the SEO performance of your online store. Unlike some, we dig deeper than the surface to identify areas for improvement across your entire website. By carefully considering your objectives and your closest competitors, we’ll ensure you climb to a prominent position in the SERP rankings.

For more information or to discuss your requirements in more detail, get in touch with the ecommerce SEO team at Kudometrics today.

Bespoke Ecommerce SEO Solutions from Kudometrics

An effective ecommerce SEO strategy can deliver a strong and consistent ROI for your business. By tailoring the services we provide to suit our clients’ objectives and budgets, we’re able to drive impressive results at affordable prices.

Working with Kudometrics, your ecommerce SEO project will take place as follows:

Initial consultation and visualisation

Initial consultation and visualisation

We’re proud to offer obligation-free initial consultations for every client, during which we’ll discuss the available options and determine the best possible course of action. In conjunction with the client, we visualise a successful future for their ecommerce website and establish an effective strategy for achieving its objectives.

Site audits and competitor analysis

Site audits and competitor analysis

Before putting the plan into action, we’ll carry out an in-depth audit of your website to establish its strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement. We’ll also undertake intensive competitor analysis, in order to determine how your SEO performance compares with that of your closest rivals.

SEO strategy implementation

SEO strategy implementation

When the specifics of the SEO strategy are agreed, we’ll begin the implementation process. Kudometrics provides every client with regular progress and performance reports, along with complete consultancy and support throughout the project.

Monitoring and optimisation

Monitoring and optimisation

Successful ecommerce SEO is a continuous process - not a one-off service. The ecommerce SEO team at Kudometrics will provide the ongoing support you need to ensure you maintain your competitive edge. We’re here to help you climb the rankings and hold onto your prominent position indefinitely.

Whatever your current position and objectives, we’d be delighted to discuss your requirements in more detail. Get in touch with Kudometrics to organize your obligation-free consultation with one of our experts.

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