Joomla to Wordpress Migration Service

Joomla to Wordpress Migration Service

Joomla to Wordpress Migration Service

Joomla is way complex than any other platform for blogging. It requires deep and advanced knowledge of blogging, publishing, link generation, tags and other regular options. On the other hand, wordpress being way advance, is also simple to understand and use. Many of the reputed bloggers use wordpress and it is the used trusted platform for blogging.

Why migrate to wordpress?

In comparison to Joomla, Wordpress has better way to do same work, in more organized way. User face of Joomla is less user friendly, in case personalized websites. But user face of Wordpress, is friendly, irrespective of any type of website. Wordpress is better platform than Joomla, when it comes to organizing small and mediocre websites. The usage of Joomla requires proper knowledge, or maybe a team only oriented towards the platform and your website working. But on wordpress, one single individual can handle it all, efficiently.

Why Select Us Over Others?

Everybody has this question while choosing the migration service providers. To which, we have lots of factors, by considering which; you won’t go to any other providers.

Our team consists of highly talented professionals, who are infallible in whatever they do. They will give of hassle free experience of transferring your precious website to your desired platform. Depending upon the package, our team will provide you the same service, as you want. Just tell us which package best suits you, and we handle rest of the problems and work. You can totally rely upon over team, and share your point of views and features you want on your new platform. The search engine rankings, won’t get affected whatsoever, in fact, due to better performance of wordpress in SEO, it will increase a bit.

Packages On Offer

There are 2 types of packages you can go for: Basic and Advanced.

Basic Package

Basic package covers all the essential elements of migration. It includes:

  • WordPress installation
  • Transfer of images, comments and posts
  • Pointing of domain to the new web host
  • Redirecting broken links
  • Redirecting the old Blogger site link to the new WordPress site
  • Sidebar content transfer
  • RSS Feed redirection to ensure you don't lose out on your readers

Advanced Package

This package gets you everything that comes under the basic package plus many more features, so you don't have to worry about anything, including design, looks and advanced functionalities.

  • Current design can be transferred
  • Plugins to boost the speed of your site
  • Permalink structure can be styled to get beautiful links as well as SEO boost
  • Items and pages transferred in the sidebar
  • Installing of Google Analytics code
  • Installing of other third party ads
  • Hosting configuration
  • Customized URL redirection
  • Importing of pages
  • Setting up navigation using WordPress Menu
  • Redirecting of Blogger traffic to WordPress
  • Premium WordPress Theme
  • Importing of existing video from Blogger site

Choose Your Migration Expert With Care

You have to look for every detail in a provider before giving him this big task. Your website would lag, and load with slow speed, if the configuration is not proper. This includes proper plugins’ usage, choice of theme and certain set of settings. The whole process is very hectic and complex, be very sure that you have handed it to the right team. Look your website as an engine, without proper tuning of every part, it won’t give its best, and guess what? We’re perfect at tuning.

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