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Discover the limitless benefits of switching from Joomla to WordPress, with our bespoke website migration services. Trust Kudometrics to provide the objective support and consultancy you need to build a prosperous, high-performance online business at an affordable price.

Joomla to WordPress Migration in India

Joomla and WordPress are two of the most popular and versatile web development platforms on the market right now. If you’re familiar with Joomla, you’ll probably be more than satisfied with its various features and functionalities. Nevertheless, it’s not until you make the switch to WordPress that you realise the versatility and flexibility you’ve been missing out on.

Think of it this way - there’s a reason why WordPress currently powers more than 75 million websites worldwide. Joomla trailing behind with just 2.5 million. Both platforms make it quick and easy to build attractive websites that are easy to maintain, but Joomla simply doesn’t compare when it comes to creativity, scalability and scope. If you’re serious about creating a website with the power to compete by 21st century standards, it may be time to consider WordPress migration.

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Why Migrate from Joomla to WordPress?

Despite being an incredibly capable and popular web development platform in its own right, Joomla lags behind WordPress in several key areas. Some of the biggest advantages of migrating from Joomla to WordPress include the following:

Quick and easy development of world-class websites, with simplified ongoing maintenance and management.

Faster page loading times and generally improved website performance, improving the user-experience and contributing to SEO.

The general structure of WordPress is simpler than Joomla, therefore easier to work with for newcomers.

An enormous community of developers worldwide, creating an open forum for sharing information and advice.

WordPress is also a uniquely secure and stable CMS, which isn’t nearly as prone to problems and threats as Joomla.

Much greater SEO potential and general flexibility for improved rankings with the major search engines.

WordPress has a significantly larger library of themes, plug-ins and extensions for website enhancement than Joomla.

In conjunction with a leading ecommerce plug-in, a WordPress website can be quickly and easily transformed into a powerful online store.

The flexibility of WordPress makes it suitable for the vast majority of small and large businesses alike.

Building, launching, managing and optimizing a WordPress website can be comprehensively affordable - perfect for newer and smaller businesses.

In essence, WordPress has the capacity to take everything that’s great about Joomla to an entirely higher level. From simplicity to security to site performance to SEO, WordPress has become the content management system of the 21st century.

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Why Migrate to WordPress with Kudometrics?

Kudometrics specializes in bespoke website migration services to suit all requirements and budgets. Whether ready to go ahead or simply considering the available options, we’d be delighted to discuss the best way forward for your business.

Our most basic Joomla to WordPress migration packages encompass a variety of interconnected services, which include the following:

WordPress installation

Transfer of images, comments and posts

Pointing of domain to the new web host

Redirecting broken links

Redirecting old site links to the new WordPress site

Sidebar content transfer

RSS Feed redirection to ensure you don't lose out on readers

Upon request, we can also assist with the more advanced aspects of your Joomla to WordPress migration project, which may not be included in the basic package. Examples of which include the following:

Transfer of your current Joomla design to WordPress

Creation of custom plugins to boost the speed of your site

Permalink structure can be styled to get beautiful links as well as SEO boost

Items and pages transferred in the sidebar

Installing of Google Analytics code

Installing of other third-party ads

Hosting configuration

Customized URL redirection

Importing of pages

Setting up navigation using WordPress Menu

Redirecting of Joomla traffic to WordPress

Premium WordPress Theme

Importing of existing video

Once again, we’ll create your ideal Joomla to WordPress migration package to suit your requirements and your budget. Contact a member of our customer support team today to organize your obligation-free consultation.

Kudometrics WordPress Migration Services

We understand that every Joomla to WordPress website migration is unique. That’s why we approach every project in a structured and thoughtful manner, in order to guarantee a smooth and seamless transition at an affordable price.

Working with Kudometrics, your Joomla to WordPress transition will take place as follows:

Initial consultation and visualization

Initial consultation and visualization

During your initial consultation, we’ll discuss your objectives for migrating to WordPress and get to know your current website. By taking into account your requirements and objectives, we’ll begin building a vision for your future presence on WordPress.

Full-service WordPress website migration

Full-service WordPress website migration

If you’re happy to go ahead, we’ll immediately get started on the physical process of migrating your Joomla website to WordPress. Through a combination of careful planning, meticulous attention to detail and best-in-class technologies, we’re able to complete most WordPress website migrations within 72 hours.

Launch, testing and optimization

Launch, testing and optimization

Upon completion of the transition, we’ll launch your new WordPress website and carry out a series of essential tests. From page-loading speeds to security to search engine optimization, we’ll provide all the ongoing services you need to get the most out of your new WordPress website.

Whatever your current position and objectives, we’re here to ensure you achieve them. Contact the team at Kudometrics today to organize your obligation-free consultation with one of our experts.

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