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Protect your reputation from damage, reverse negative mentions of your brand and capitalize on the limitless power of proactive PR. Kudometrics is proud to offer India’s most flexible, dynamic and cost-effective reputation management services, suitable for small and large businesses alike.

Cutting-Edge Reputation Management in India

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently - Warren Buffett

This one quote perfectly encapsulates the importance of positive PR. You can work for years to build a strong reputation, but it could all be undone in minutes if you experience a PR crisis. The web provides billions of people worldwide with an open forum, where they can share their honest thoughts, experiences, reviews and recommendations. Unfortunately, not everyone is as honest as they could be.

Whether true or false, a single negative mention of your brand in the wrong place at the wrong time could have devastating consequences. This is where our cutting-edge reputation management services can help. Whether dealing with a PR crisis or simply looking to safeguard your business from negative press, we strongly advise a proactive approach. Irrespective of the nature or severity of the damage, we’ll ensure your brand’s positive image and reputation are restored quickly, effectively and permanently.

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Online Reputation Management: How Does it Work?

If you’re dealing with a bout of negative press, you’ll probably have a good idea where it started and why. However, most instances of negative PR occur without the business concerned knowing about it.

Working with the most advanced digital PR and reputation management tools, we’ll scour the web for any and every mention of your brand. If there’s a negative mention of any kind, we’ll take the necessary measures to address it.

Kudometrics takes clients’ authority, influence and perceived value to the next level, by way of a three-step PR process:

We’ll Paint a Positive Picture

First of all, we’ll use every resource at our disposal to paint a positive picture of your brand online. We’ll reach out to the right people in the right places, ensuring that when your brand is mentioned, it’s mentioned for all the right reasons.

We’ll Challenge Negative Content

People may have the right to say whatever they want online, but you also have the right to challenge anything you believe to be unfair, inaccurate or misleading. Not only will we find all negative mentions of your brand, we’ll issue challenges to ensure the offending content is corrected or removed.

We’ll Monitor Your Brand

On an ongoing basis, we’ll monitor all four corners of the web for mentions of your brand. Every time your business is mentioned by anyone and for any reason, we’ll know about it. This will enable us to ensure your brand is continuously boosted by positive press and commentary only.

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A PR Insurance Policy for your Business

Here at Kudometrics, we typically find that most people wait for their online reputation to take a dive, before considering a campaign of positive PR. The way we see it, online reputation management is most effective when viewed as a proactive insurance policy for your business.

Rather than allowing negative press to take a toll on your reputation, it’s better to know exactly how your brand is being portrayed at all times. This way, you’ll be ready to take action the moment anything negative is published about your brand.

With Kudometrics in your corner, you’ll benefit from the information and insights needed to preserve your reputation. If the damage has already been done, we can plan and implement the necessary measures to restore your positive image.

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