Privacy Policy

Kudometrics is committed to the safety and discretion of its customers - we will not share or sell your private data for sales or marketing purposes under any circumstances.

Privacy policy last updated: April 30, 2020

Kudometrics requests that all customers and visitors consult this privacy policy in its entirety, prior to accessing our website or making use of the products and services we provide. This privacy policy provides a detailed outline of how we collect, store, use and protect information from our customers and website visitors, which is used primarily for quality and security purposes.

Upon accessing the Kudometrics website, the customer (you) expressly agrees to each of the terms and conditions set out in this privacy policy. If you are unable or unwilling to comply with any of the policies or practices outlined below, you are forbidden from accessing Kudometrics or making use of the services we provide.

Please contact a member of the customer support team at Kudometrics if you have any questions or concerns, or you require clarification of any of the information outlined below.

Automatic Data Collection (Cookies)

Kudometrics uses cookies to enhance and improve the browsing experience for visitors to our website. Cookies are small files stored directly on your computer, created upon visiting a website for the first time. These small files are used to store non-personally identifying information such as your time zone, the date and time of your visit, your language preferences, your preferred currency and so on. All such information is remembered for your next visit, so that you only have to set your preferences once.

You can choose to block and/or remove cookies from your computer entirely by following the instructions provided by your web browser. However, we strongly recommend allowing cookies for an enjoyable online experience in general. Once again, cookies collect strictly non-personally identifying information that cannot be traced back to the user in question.

Additional Data Collection (Upon Request)

If you wish to place an order for any of the products and services provided by Kudometrics, it will be necessary to submit additional personally-identifying information. Successfully placing an order with Kudometrics is only possible upon provision of your full name, your e-mail address, your postal address, your telephone number and full payment information.

We may also need additional information such as the URL of your website or social media profile to fulfil your order.

Under no circumstances is the customer obliged to comply with such information requests. However, customers who refuse to provide the required information upon request will be denied access to the products and services provided by Kudometrics and forbidden from accessing our website.

It is also the responsibility of the customer to ensure that all of the personal information provided is 100% accurate and complete, without exception.

How Your Personal Information is Used

All non-personally identifying information collected by Kudometrics is used strictly for quality and security purposes. Kudometrics will never sell, loan or distribute your private data to third parties for sales or marketing purposes. If you receive any sales or marketing materials as a result of submitting your private information to Kudometrics, they will come directly from Kudometrics or one or our wholly-owned subsidiaries.

However, it may be necessary to share or disclose your private information for legal reasons or security purposes. For example, if we detect signs of fraudulent activity or are required to disclose your private information by a court of law, your data may be shared with the relevant authorities accordingly.

Please contact Kudometrics anytime if you have any questions or concerns regarding our data usage or security policies.

Data Safeguards and Limitation of Liability

Kudometrics is committed to the safe and responsible collection, storage and use of all private information collected from customers. However, the very nature of digital data transmission and storage makes it impossible to guarantee 100% flawless security and protection at all times.

We use the latest virtual and physical data security systems to ensure our customers’ private information is safeguarded to the best of our capabilities. However, we cannot and will not guarantee the total security or safety of the data we collect and store.

Our responsibility or liability in the event of a data breach is therefore limited only to issues that occur as a direct result of our own gross negligence or inaction.

Corrections and Removals

Please not that it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that their personal information is correct, complete and up to date. If you believe that any of your data held by Kudometrics is inaccurate, please contact a customer support agent as soon as possible to organize its correction.

Every customer also has the right to instruct Kudometrics to immediately and permanently remove all of their personal data from our systems. If you would like your personal information to be removed from Kudometrics’ servers for any reason, please submit your request via e-mail to our customer support team.

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