Refund & Cancellation policy

Refund Policy

In the unlikely event that Kudometrics is unable to fulfil your order as agree and within the specified time period, you’ll get your money back - every penny of it.

Please take the time to read this refund policy in full, in order to ensure you understand your rights and entitlements as a Kudometrics customer. Upon accessing the Kudometrics website or making use of any of the products or services we provide, you agree to comply with all terms, conditions and policies outlined in this document.

Contact the Kudometrics customer support team anytime if you require clarification, or have any questions or concerns regarding our general terms and conditions.

Refunds (if applicable)

Kudometrics backs every sale with a reassuring money-back guarantee, which applies exclusively in instances where we are unable or unwilling to fulfil customers’ orders completely and within the specified time period.

At the time you place your order, Kudometrics will provide a series of assurances regarding the details of the products/services ordered, a timeframe for their delivery and the total price payable. If we fail to adhere to any of these assurances, the customer is entitled to apply for a refund.

Please note that our refund policy does not apply in any instances where Kudometrics successfully delivers the products or services requested by the customer as agreed and on time. If the customer simply changes their mind at any point during the delivery process, they will not be entitled to a full or partial refund under any circumstances.

All service cancellation requests or alteration requests must be received within 12 hours of the original order being placed.

Please consult our cancellation policy for more information.

Performance Disclaimer

The customer acknowledges that the Kudometrics refund policy applies exclusively in instances where we fail to deliver the requested products and services in full and on time. Under no circumstances can or will Kudometrics make any assurances whatsoever regarding the performance or effects of the products and services we provide.

In the field of digital marketing, it is impossible and therefore irresponsible to guarantee the positive performance (or otherwise) of any digital products or services. Hence, we accept no responsibility or liability for any subsequent consequences or performance issues that may occur due to the use of the products and services Kudometrics provides.

Our service assurance and refund policy exclusively cover the timely delivery of our digital products and services - not the outcome of your digital campaign.

Contact Kudometrics

For more information or to discuss any aspect of this refund policy in more detail, contact a member of the customer support team at Kudometrics anytime.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that if you wish to change or cancel your order entirely, your request must be received within 12 hours of your order being placed with Kudometrics.

Kudometrics is committed to the complete confidence and satisfaction of every customer. What’s more, we understand that you may need a little time after placing your order to consider adjustments, additions and alterations.

This is why we’re proud to cover every sale with a reassuring 12-hour ‘grace period’ during which amendments, alterations and cancellations can be made at any time at no cost whatsoever. If you choose not to go ahead and wish to cancel your order entirely, Kudometrics will provide you with a full refund of the original purchase price.

Please note, however, that upon commencement of delivery of your order after this 12-hour period, you will no longer be able to claim a refund. Due to the nature of the digital products and services we provide, orders cannot be halted or reversed once they have been initiated.

For more information on our cancellation policy or to discuss your order in more detail, get in touch with the Kudometrics customer support team anytime.

Subsequent Refund Requests

Our cancellation policy applies exclusively to refund requests and service amendment requests received no later than 12 hours after receiving confirmation of your order. However, Kudometrics may consider refund and service alteration requests after this 12-hour grace period entirely at our own discretion and in exceptional circumstances.

In addition, the 12-hour limitation does not apply in instances where Kudometrics is unable to fulfil its obligations to deliver the products and services requested by the customer as promised.

If you have not received the products or services requested within the allotted time period and would like to discuss a refund, contact our customer support team for more information.

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