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Is your website working as hard for you as it could be? What would it take to propel your business to a higher position in the SERP rankings? Find out with a detailed SEO audit, performed by India’s leading team of SEO specialists.

In-Depth SEO Audit Services in India

These days, simply owning and operating a website isn’t enough. If you expect to remain competitive, you need to ask yourself a series of key questions on a regular basis:

  • Is your website generating a consistent stream of qualified leads?
  • Does your website appear prominently enough in the SERP rankings?
  • How does your website’s performance compare to your competitors?
  • Have you safeguarded your website against possible SEO penalties?
  • Do you have sufficient SEO expertise to oversee your site’s campaign?

The only way to answer these and other important questions is to carry out periodic SEO audits. Far from superficial, a professional SEO audit will ensure every aspect of your website is analysed from top to bottom. Whether struggling to gain exposure or simply looking to safeguard your strong SERP position, an SEO audit could make all the difference.

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Why Your Website May Need an SEO Audit

It’s neither necessary nor advisable to wait for problems to occur, before organising an SEO audit. Nevertheless, the most common reasons for SEO audit requests among Kudometrics customers are as follows:

Declines in Organic Traffic:
If your website has experienced an organic traffic decline for any reason or no reason at all, an immediate SEO audit is essential.

You Content is Outdated:
Even the most engaging content stagnates overtime, with the potential to harm a website’s SEO performance.

Poor SERP Position:
Struggling to climb the rankings or falling to a lower position in the rankings indicates the need for an urgent SEO audit.

Substandard Site Performance:
From page loading times to broken links to general errors, an SEO audit could quickly and conveniently address all such issues.

Poor Mobile Experience:
It’s essential to ensure every aspect of your website and its SEO strategy prioritises mobile audiences.

Breaking Google’s Rules:
If you’ve been handed a penalty for breaking Google’s official guidelines, you need to perform a full SEO audit as quickly as possible.

Our bespoke SEO audit services are tailored to meet the exact requirements and budgets of each client individually. Whether planning ahead or dealing with an urgent issue, we’ll provide the support and consultancy you need to make the best possible decision for your business.

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Dynamic SEO Auditing Services

Depending on your requirements, in may be necessary or preferable to conduct a multi-level SEO audit. Your website’s SEO performance can be measured in a variety of ways - traffic volumes, conversion rates, SERP position etc. - all of which will be considered.

Our complete range of specialist SEO audit services includes the following:

Local SEO Audit

Local SEO Audit

If you’re running (or planning to run) a local SEO campaign, we can analyse your site’s current performance from a 100% local perspective. We’ll look carefully at your onsite and offsite local SEO strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to capitalise on.

SEO Technical Audit

SEO Technical Audit

Our technical audits examine the coding and structure of your website and its pages. Quite often, issues standing in the way of a successful SEO strategy are hidden to the naked eye. If there’s an issue with your backend, we’ll find it and fix it.

SEO Content Audit

SEO Content Audit

The importance of high-quality, SEO-friendly content cannot be overstated. Whether it’s a case of optimising your existing content, creating new content or a combination of the two, our SEO content audit will determine the best way forward for your website.

SEO Link Audit

SEO Link Audit

Each and every link pointing to your website can and will have an impact on its SEO performance. Some positive, some negative - all important to identify and analyse. If there are any low-grade links out there that could be harming your performance, we’ll ensure they’re dealt with.

Competitor Audit

Competitor Audit

The key to taking the lead over your closest competitors lies in acknowledging their strength and capitalising on their weaknesses. All of which you’ll find much easier to accomplish, with the help of our complete competitor audit services.

Once again, we’ll create a bespoke SEO solution from scratch to suit your requirements and your budget. Whether ready to go ahead or simply considering the available options, we’d be delighted to hear from you - contact Kudometrics today.

Ask the Experts

No digital marketing strategy has the same power and long-term appeal as SEO. Nevertheless, climbing the rankings with such ferocious competition from all corners has become the ultimate challenge.

If you’re serious about taking the lead, we can provide the expert support, consultancy and all-round SEO services you need at a price you can afford.

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