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Discover a new standard in Tumblr to WordPress website migration services, engineered by the experts at Kudometrics. Transform your Tumblr blog into the powerful and feature-rich website of your dreams, with a bespoke WordPress website migration solution tailored to your needs.

Tumblr to WordPress Website Migration Services in India

Currently hosting more than 450 million blogs worldwide, Tumblr is a phenomenally popular platform. Though ideal for basic blogging and publishing, Tumblr lacks the features and functionalities to deliver immersive and engaging online experiences. By switching to WordPress, you stand to capitalize on the limitless power and flexibility of the world’s most popular website development framework.

Initially launched as a blogging platform, WordPress has grown and evolved to become an immensely powerful and feature-packed CMS. Worldwide, it’s estimated that around 75 million websites are powered by WordPress - a sizeable proportion of the 172 million active websites in existence. WordPress owes its popularity to its user-friendliness, its capacity for customization and the fact that it’s an accessible open-source platform.

If you’re happy with a basic blog, stick with Tumblr. If you’d prefer to be the owner of a stunningly-presented, fully-functional website of the highest quality, make the switch to WordPress today. Contact the team at Kudometrics for more information.

Tumblr vs WordPress - Why Switch with Kudometrics?

Whether running a business or publishing privately as an individual, switching to WordPress could prove highly beneficial. For every limitation Tumblr brings to the table, WordPress offers limitless freedom for creativity, experimentation and optimization.

Just a few of the benefits of switching to WordPress with Kudometrics are as follows:

Tumblr is effectively a social blogging platform, whereas WordPress is a powerful website development platform with limitless potential.

WordPress outperforms Tumblr with its extensive library of themes, plug-ins and widgets, along with the opportunity to create custom themes and add-ons for the benefit of your website.

Switching to WordPress provides the opportunity to take complete control and ownership of your website, which would otherwise be sub-hosted by Tumblr.

It’s quick and easy to monetize a WordPress website, which can also be converted into a powerful ecommerce portal at a surprisingly low price.

WordPress websites benefit from limitless scope for expansion and diversification, growing alongside your business as it evolves and progresses.

The safety and security features of WordPress go far beyond those of Tumblr, creating a secure and reassuring online resource for your target audience.

A high-quality WordPress website exudes the kind of professionalism, authority and authenticity that can make all the difference in the eyes of your visitors.

If all this wasn’t enough, the speed and simplicity with which a Tumblr to WordPress migration project can be executed makes it an accessible and affordable option worth considering. For more information on the benefits of switching from Tumblr to WordPress, get in touch with the website migration team at Kudometrics today.

Tailored Tumblr to WordPress Website Migration Solutions

While it’s perfectly possible to oversee a manual Tumblr to WordPress website migration, we strongly suggest seeking expert assistance. Depending on the nature, purpose and complexity of your Tumblr blog, ensuring a smooth, safe and seamless transition can be challenging.

For the benefit of our clients, we offer tailored Tumblr to WordPress website migration services to suit all requirements and budgets. Just a few of the core components of our Tumblr to WordPress website migration services are as follows:

Locating and securing quality web hosting for your website

Assistance choosing and setting up your website’s domain

Complete installation of WordPress

Selection of WordPress themes and appropriate plugins

Transition of all images, videos and other media from Tumblr

Redirection of old URLs to maintain traffic

Comprehensive support to help you get used your new WordPress site

Upon request, we can also provide a range of additional services to help you get the most out of your new WordPress website. Examples of which include designing custom themes to suit your brand, creating custom plug-ins and widgets from scratch, optimizing the general performance of your website, providing complete SEO consultancy and more.

We’re standing by to discuss your requirements and create your ideal website migration solution - contact the team at Kudometrics today.

WordPress Website Migration: How Does It Work?

We work hard to simplify all aspects of the transition for the benefit of our clients, approaching each Tumblr to WordPress migration in a structured manner as follows:

Step 1. We’ll first establish which platform you are currently using and assess its eligibility for migration. In the case of Tumblr, we can organize and execute even the most challenging WordPress migrations quickly and affordably.

Step 2. Before going ahead, we’ll also discuss your objectives and your motivations for making the switch to WordPress. If there’s an alternative platform or CMS that may be more suitable for your requirements, we’ll offer our advice and suggestions accordingly.

Step 3. We’ll take care of all aspects of the migration process from start to finish, which will typically be completed within 72 hours. During which time, we’ll do whatever it takes to safeguard your data and minimize disruption for your business.

Step 4. After which, it’s simply a case of launching your new WordPress website and familiarizing you with the basics to get you started. If you require any further assistance or optimization, we’ll be happy to help in any way we can.

Whether ready to go ahead or simply considering migrating to WordPress, we’re standing by to take your call.

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