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WordPress Installation And Blog Setup Service

wordpress blog setup service

Blogging no more is restricted to just a matter of hobby. There are individual bloggers who have taken up blogging as a full time career, and then there are companies that have raised blogging to the level of mainstream online publishing industry. Using blogs for business too is no more a new concept. We, at Kudo Metrics, not only offer advice on how to run a successful business blog but we also offer professional blog setup services.

Benefits Of Blogging For Business

Blogging has a number of benefits for small and big businesses alike. Successful businesses have started taking it on par with other marketing strategies. It helps you build credibility in the market with comparatively lesser amount of resources. Here are some prominent benefits it brings to your business:

  • It brings targeted traffic to your business website
  • It establishes your authority in the industry
  • It helps you develop long term relationship with your customers
  • It can turn your customers into brand ambassadors
  • It gets you feedback and suggestions from your customers
  • It attracts more qualified employees to your business

Why WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular blogging software that gives you complete ownership of the blog along with the freedom to host it with the web hosting provider of your choice. More than 60 million people use WordPress for their blogs and websites. As the WordPress guys put it, WordPress is free and priceless, both at the same time. We offer WordPress installation services to set up a new blog. Here is why we prefer and recommend WordPress to our customers:

  • WordPress has a simple back-end that does not require any special training to start using it.
  • WordPress is an open source software and has a whole community of users and developers behind it.
  • It is free and cost effective.
  • It can be easily integrated with social networking platforms.
  • It is mobile ready; a mobile responsive theme is all you need to choose to make your blog mobile friendly.
  • It's more than a decade old now and has evolved into a full-fledged CMS during these years.
  • You can use it to create a blog of any size; be it just a single page or thousands of pages, WordPress can handle it all.
  • It's SEO friendly and is loved by all search engines including Google.
  • It's based on the template system and your content remains independent of your design.
  • There are a huge number of plugins available that extend its functionality even further.

Kudo Metrics WordPress Installation And Blog Setup Package

After initial consultation, we will assess your requirements in detail and offer you a customized, suitable solution. Our basic blog setup package includes the following:

  • Suggesting a suitable domain name for your blog
  • Recommending a reliable web hosting provider for your blog
  • Installing WordPress software on your domain
  • Setting up a suitable theme (template) for your blog
  • Setting up necessary plugins to meet your blogging requirements
  • Initial coaching and guidance to get you started

Blog Features You Can Expect

Here are some common features that come free with your blog:

  • Navigation link to your business website and other important pages like promotions, calendar of events, online store, etc.
  • Contact form
  • Subscription or Newsletter signup button to build your email list
  • Links to your social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other site of your choice
  • Twitter and Facebook integration to auto update your profile with your new blog posts
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Other requested features like survey, search bar, call to action, etc. as per individual requirements.

Additional Considerations

  • We can add a logo to your blog but you need to provide us with the logo that you want to use. You can also make use of our logo designing services for this purpose.
  • dditional customization and design enhancements will be charged separately.
  • You will be responsible for renewing your domain name and web hosting services.
  • We also take up blog maintenance for a monthly/annual fees.

We have set up blogs to go with the business websites of our clients in different industries. We'd be glad to help you too with our experience.

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