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WordPress.com To Self Hosted WordPress Migration Services

wordpress.com to self-hosted wordpress migration

A self hosted WordPress site has many advantages over a blog hosted on WordPress.com, the most prominent one being that you can monetize your site the way you want to, without any restriction whatsoever. Though many people start out with WordPress.com initially, a larger chunk decides to move out to self hosted site after a certain point of time. If you too are looking to migrate to the self hosted platform, you can safely entrust the work to us. We at Kudometrics specialize in migrating sites from WordPress.com to self hosted WordPress in the most SEO friendly manner.

Why Move Over To Self-hosted WordPress?

WordPress.com is a free blogging platform and does not offer the flexibility that comes with self hosted WordPress. Here are few important reasons why you should consider moving over to the self hosted platform:

  • It gives you immense power to customize your website
  • You can install third party themes and plugins
  • You can customize the code to suit your requirement
  • You can add advertisements or monetize your site in any other manner
  • You can move your site to a web host of your choice
  • You can set up email accounts on your custom domain
  • You can optimize your site for search engines
  • You own your content without any ambiguity and you don't have to worry about suspension or shut down
  • t gives a better impression of your business or brand
  • Certain sites like a full-fledged ecommerce site, membership site, etc. cannot be set up on the free WordPress platform.

To cut a long story short, self-hosted WordPress places the site solely in your hands without any interference from anybody. If you are thinking long term and want to be taken seriously, whether as a blogger, brand or company, you should go self hosted; and the earlier you do it the better!

Need For Third Party Services

WordPress has an inbuilt import/export function that's helpful in migrating your posts and pages. But when you are moving your whole site, a simple import/export is not enough. You need to move your images, keep your URLs intact or redirect them, make your installation more secure… there are whole lot of issues to take care of. Even for a simple, small blog, you may run into different sort of glitches while trying to migrate your site. And when the site is huge, trying to move it yourself can give you a real headache. So, the best bet is to get it done through professional service providers.

Whether you want to discuss a planned migration or need help after trying to do it yourself, do let us know and you'll find us standing at your service.

Kudo Metrics WordPress.org Migration Package

We will work closely with you to ensure that whole of your site is migrated without any issue. Our WordPress.com to self hosted WordPress migration package includes:

  • Installing WordPress on the web host of your choice
  • Making required changes to the domain name server
  • Making your WordPress.com site live on the new server, including images, if any
  • Recommending and setting up a suitable theme for your site
  • Installing useful plugins for SEO, sitemaps, redirection, automated backup, security, caching, stats, etc.
  • One month of post migration support to give you that extra traction.

Why Us?

We know how important your site is. We will take care not to cause you any loss of traffic either during the migration process or any time after that. We will make the necessary SEO settings to boost your search engine rankings. Depending upon your requirements, we can also provide additional services like proof reading and editing the existing content, guiding you on monetizing your website, etc.

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