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The Goal Of Our Internet Marketing Company In Salem

Kudo Metrics is a vibrant web design and internet marketing company in Salem, India.

It comes with a wide choice of highly result oriented, custom built, and affordable online marketing services that are suitable for both large and small scale businesses nationally and also on an international level.

We Provide


Innovative Strategies specifically for your company


Experts with 10+ years experience preparing your analysis


ROI Focused strategies that increase your margins


Gaps Revealed in your current marketing efforts


Immediate Impact strategies for fast growth


Long-Term Strategies to build a lasting business

Internet Marketing Services We Provide At KudoMetrics Are

Web Design Services

On paper, your website serves a simple purpose. By converting casual visitors into paying customers, your website is the backbone of your entire business. But with millions of businesses all competing for the same attention, a basic online presence is no longer enough. Remain one step ahead of shifting design trends or risk falling behind the curve. Since 2011, Kudometrics has been providing bespoke website services of unbeatable quality and value.

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Graphic Design Services

Every digital and physical material you produce to promote your brand should be a unique work of art. Standing out from the crowd means creating a cohesive brand image, reflected in your logo, your business cards, your brochures and your website. Here at Kudometrics, we offer a complete suite of graphic design services for small and large business worldwide. With our help, every lead you encounter will be presented with an engaging and memorable snapshot of your brand. Showcase your products, your services and your brand’s USP in a way that separates you from the competition.

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Web Development Services

At Kudometrics, we understand that your website is far more than an online representation of your business. In today’s digital world, your website is your business. Whether running an ecommerce enterprise or simply promoting your products and services online, the way you present your brand will determine your position, performance and prosperity. Our bespoke web development services can help your business stay one step ahead of the competition.

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SEO Services

Today, around 95% of all online experiences begin with a search engine. For the vast majority of consumers and business buyers alike, search engines are an essential part of everyday life. But with limited room at the top of the SERP rankings, outperforming the competition is a tough challenge. Here at Kudometrics, we provide full-service SEO solutions for large and small businesses alike. Our experienced SEO team knows every trick in the book when it comes to climbing the rankings quickly, efficiently and responsibly.

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Website Migration Services

Manual website migration is a possibility, but isn’t always recommended. From a business perspective, website migration can result in harmful disruption and downtime. The longer your business is out of action, the greater the damage done. That’s why we strongly recommend seeking professional support when considering a website migration of any kind. Kudometrics offers a comprehensive range of website migration solutions to suit all requirements and budgets.

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Digital Marketing Services

Today’s consumer is driven by the experience. It’s no longer simply a case of pitching products and selling services the traditional way. To succeed in today’s competitive global market, you need to present yourself as unique, authentic and irresistible. All of which begins with a dynamic digital marketing strategy for your business. Here at Kudometrics, our digital marketing professionals know what it takes to generate high-quality leads, build an influential online presence and achieve even the most challenging objectives through creative, innovative and multi-dimensional marketing.

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Paid Advertising Services

Organic marketing can be great for boosting your online visibility and driving quality traffic to your website. However, it’s also a time-consuming process that could take months, even years to reach fruition. A more immediate alternative being paid advertising, which provides the opportunity to place your ad, your message and your link in the most prominent of all positions online. From the very top of the SERP rankings to high-profile social media exposure to more general display advertising, paid ads are a far more meticulously targeted form of advertising.

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Web Hosting Services

When we say we know sophisticated hosting back to front, we mean it. Providing quality web hosting services in India for more than a decade, Kudometrics knows what flawless performance is all about. Working with small and large businesses across India and beyond, Kudometrics has the skills, resources and experience to tackle even the most challenging web hosting requirements. Unlike some, we approach our web hosting services exclusively from the customer’s viewpoint. Not just the client’s viewpoint, but also from the perspective of their clients and customers.

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Mobile App Development Services

Capitalize on the mobile revolution with an app that delivers the total package of performance, prestige and pure professionalism. Research has demonstrated the capacity of a quality mobile app to perform on a much higher level than a typical mobile website. From next-generation games to ecommerce stores to business productivity apps, we’ll engineer the perfect app for your brand and your audience. Whether in need of expert assistant with a current project or looking to outsource the whole thing, Kudometrics has you covered.

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Clients Testimonials

The experienced SEO consulting and search engine optimization staff at Kudo Metrics is great to work with. They are knowledgeable, honest, and most importantly their SEO Consulting and website optimization programs get results. I had very few competitive keyword ranking positions on the major search engines when I first started working with Kudo Metrics. Read More....

Casey Zeman,
Marketing Director,


I spent substantial money on pay per click and barely saw any return at all. Since hiring Sathish from Kudo Metrics to manage my adwords – and making the changes he suggested for my website – I'm getting 20 times as many enquiries (I've counted them – a 2,000% increase!) and my adwords campaign is now very profitable. Read More....

Raju Pillai,


Kudo Metrics our go to partners when it comes to Internet marketing. Their Search Engine Marketing education services enabled us to prioritize our online marketing efforts and understand how to effectively build our audience and ranking online. Read More....

Peter Diasyme,


Honestly, the SEO service provided by the Kudometrics Company was awesome. The SEO team in this company was very skilled and due to their service my website has got many hits within the 1 week. I highly recommend anyone to buy SEO service from Kudometrics. Thanks to them. Read More....

Sheila C. Clemons,
Matrix Architectural Service


Man your service was really great. I will definitely approach you for all my SEO needs in future. Many Thanks! Read More....

Norris L. McCrary,


Sathishkumar Varatharajan and his fantastic advises on affiliate commission based earning system given me to work and be part of growth with more than 7 months for my store. It has been productive and enjoyable experiences working with him. I look forward to grow similar ideas with him again. Read More....

Christopher M. Scalise,
Finestore, NY


Kudometrics always offer the best service which is professional, timely and cost effective. I personally recommend them to anyone who needs SEO work on their website. Read More....

Vicky K. Thom


Thanks to the web designing team in Kudometrics. They have taken my website to a high level and make me happy with their work. The team was really attentive and responsive. I recommend their service to everyone. Read More....

Jerome S. Cotton


You give new life to my website and take that one step more than my expectation. I am really looking forward to continue my work with you in future. Thank you very much. Read More....

Jing Kuo


Many thanks to Sathish and his team for fantastic results that they are achieved with my new seasonal campaigns for 60 days. I began my paid search campaigns and ultimate results with loss of conversion. He and his team assist me where I begged my money and monetized the ads rotation with 93% conversion. I congratulate them and have no hesitation in recommending them to others. Read More....

Ashley Dibbs,
Builders Square


You have provided the excellent web design and I'm very grateful for your service. You really delivered the amazing functional piece of art. Read More....

Christian L. Kjaer


You have a fantastic team for web designing. Your work on website is really outstanding. Many thanks to you. Read More....

Mohammed Iqbal


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